The Massachusetts Senior and Assisted Living Communities Foundation provides grants to non-profit organizations and students for programs in the field of senior and assisted living.

Our standard grant supports research and scholarship in senior and assisted living in Massachusetts. The standard maximum award is $5,000, though some grants can be as high as $10,000. Graduate and undergraduate students seeking to complete a capstone project, or a Massachusetts non-profit organization conducting research on a topic related to assisted living or issues involving seniors living in or seeking to live in an assisted living residence in Massachusetts

A grant of up to $500 may be requested if the applicant lacks the resources needed to develop a grant proposal.

Research on issues of statewide or national value such as an economic impact study of assisted living in Massachusetts, root cause analysis of assisted living incident reports and/or ombudsman reports on a statewide basis, research to develop training to reduce injury to seniors in assisted living or to help seniors financially plan for life in assisted living, research or programs to develop more affordable assisted living or to encourage entry into careers in assisted living or the practice of geriatric medicine by a 501 c 3 or c6 non-profit organization may be funded in whole or in part by grants up to $50,000.

The Massachusetts Senior and Assisted Living Communities Foundation supports discussion programs about the advantages of assisted living and other issues important to older adults in Massachusetts in senior centers, public libraries and other venues. Applicants develop their own themes and reading lists and procure their own books (if needed).   Typical grants to provide publicity, refreshment, speaker honoraria, etc. are under $1500.

An annual grant supporting the graduate education of an employee of a Massachusetts assisted living residence. The maximum award per student is $6,000. Currently, the only approved program is the Masters in Aging Services offered through the University of Massachusetts at Boston Institute of Gerontology. The grant is renewable for up to two additional years if the student maintains employment in assisted living and remains in good standing in the graduate program.

A certified assisted living residence in Massachusetts which is a member in good standing of the Massachusetts Assisted Living Association may receive a grant to defray a portion of the costs of providing internship opportunities to graduate and undergraduate students to serve as interns at an assisted living residence exploring potential careers in assisted living. Maximum award to the assisted living intern supervisor is a $500 stipend for managing each student intern.