We support educational programs and research to help the senior living industry to improve the quality of its services and the competency of its staff.

Argentum, formerly known as the Assisted Living Federation of America, unveiled 12 standards that, beginning in January 2016, its independent living, assisted living and memory care community members are asked to meet.

The standards are designed to complement, not replace, state laws and regulations governing the operation of senior living communities. Argentum expects that the list will change, contract or expand as necessary in the future, to reflect industry trends.

The 12 standards of phase one:

Consumer disclosure — Providers will make available a consumer-friendly disclosure document to prospective residents.

Resident rights — Providers will, to the extent possible and appropriate, support resident rights of choice, independence, dignity and privacy.

Resident-centered care — Residents and their families should have an active role in determining the services they receive.

Infrastructure — Communities will be designed to enhance resident safety.

Staff training and qualifications —Providers will hire staff with the appropriate skills and training to meet resident needs.

Programming — Residents will be provided a wide range of activities reflecting their interests.

Medication delivery — Providers will have systems in place for the safe delivery and, if applicable, administration of medication.

Quality improvement — Providers will embrace quality assessment and improvement in their operations, to continuously improve the quality of care and quality of life for their residents.

Dining — Communities will offer nutritious dining options reflecting resident dietary needs and choices.

Regulatory compliance and enforcement — Operators will adhere to all applicable state laws and regulations.

Workforce — Providers will treat their employees with respect and offer them an equal opportunity for career advancement.

Memory care — Communities caring for residents with cognitive impairments will be staffed and designed to meet these residents’ unique needs.

Argentum will begin collecting data to help evaluate whether communities have meet the standards. Argentum members that conform to the standards will be able to display an Argentum Quality in Senior Living plaque.

The plan for next steps is:


Phase 2 Standards


  • Draft final standards available open for public comment, fall 2016.
  • Adoption by Argentum Board, November 2016
  • Available for Attestation, February 2017

Phase 3 Standards


  • Drafted in 2017, available for attestation in 2018
  • Incorporate input from stakeholders outside Argentum
  • Attesting communities report quality metrics to a central entity in order to facilitate benchmarking quality improvement efforts.
  • National Senior Living Quality Improvement Collaborative opens

Phase 4 Standards


  • Drafted in 2018, communities certify in 2019

Argentum will create or designate third-party, non-profit to maintain standards and verify communities’ compliance

Sample of Free Text Survey Responses:

  • Comparability of communities? Need to adjust measures for differences in resident acuity and goals of communities
  • Need precise definitions of measures
  • Create standard employee and resident questions that all attesting communities must use in their surveys.
  • Internal reporting metrics – OK; external/public – NO
  • CPR training should be required of 1 staff person 24/7 not all staff.
  • Train family members and volunteers.
  • Require “licensed nurse,” not “Registered Nurse” 24/7.
  • Require training on the use of technology.